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Early Birds

Develop and manage AI algorithms

Access our high-performance algorithm library. Build, set up and deploy your own algorithms through our configuration templates. Define the best personalization strategies.

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Use high-performance algorithms

Access Early Birds algorithm library.

Early Birds

Open source

Third party

The Early Birds platform has numerous built-in algorithms, (clustering, micro-segmentation, collaborative filtering, KNN, serendipity algorithms, and trend identification, multi-armed bandits…) and allows the implementation of many different strategies, (similar products or contents, products purchased together, an overall view, personalized recommendations …).

Designed as an algorithm library, the Early Birds platform is open access and we often add new algorithms coming from the Open Source community.

Build your own algorithms

Build your own algorithms

Build your own algorithms

Define your AI models and personalize settings directly on our platform.

Build your own real-time algorithms and define your parameters and configuration templates. You will then be able to share your algorithms with merchandisers and allow them to change their parameters in our easy-to-use merchandising interface.

Develop as many personalization strategies as you want:

• product-centric
• user-centric
• trends

Thanks to our orchestration platform, you can mix different algorithm strategies in a unique personalization widget, define fallbacks, trigger algorithms based on advanced rules such as user segments, context, user interactions...

A/B Test and adjust

Every algorithm can be easily A/B tested directly in the platform to find the best configuration and to automatically identify the best performing strategies for each area of your website.

Tests can be analyzed directly in our platform thanks to advanced analytics, but you can also feed your own Business Intelligence tool with real-time logs generated by Early Birds.

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Data Management

Collect and unify your data from all signals in real-time and ensure refined data

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Early Birds

At Early Birds, we’ve developed an AI-driven personalization platform for e-commerce companies to orchestrate their own algorithms in real-time, build personalization strategies and create differentiated experiences at scale. Open. Modern. Scalable.


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