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Test and ensure performance

Continuous testing, learning, and optimization is the best way to guarantee the accuracy and performance of your personalization strategies.

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A/B Test your personalization

Visualize the performance of your algorithms, recommendations and your merchandising.

Create and manage tests on all aspects of your personalization to deploy performance-focused strategies.

  • Algorithm A vs nothing
  • Algorithm A vs algorithm B
  • Batch & serving parameter values
  • Data scope A vs data scope B
  • Widget configuration such as distribution, fallbacks, …

Evaluate the best algorithm to use: collaborative filtering, content-based, graph, visual similarity... And define the most adapted strategy for each area.

Get advanced feedback

Get advanced feedback

Get advanced feedback

Understand each personalization strategy, analyze results, monitor performance and adjust accordingly in real-time.

Display advanced KPIs to follow for the performance of algorithms and personalization strategies on recommendations.

Monitor performance through detailed analytics dashboards & raw data exports:

  • recommendations
  • products
  • activities


Easily understand and analyze your personalization strategies built with Early Birds directly on your website.

Early Birds’ new Chrome extension enables data and marketing teams to easily analyze and verify the personalization strategies built with Early Birds directly on their website. To better personalize your customer experiences.

The Early Birds Chrome extension and all its features are server-side compatible.

For each recommendation area and distribution, get a detailed view of:

  • selected personalization algorithms and the number of recommended items per strategy
  • merchandising rules applied
  • variables applied
  • A/B tests running
  • targeted profiles with segmentation data

Display all product or content recommendations according to any user/visitor profile. This feature allows you to easily verify and analyze any recommendation active on your website by segment or persona.

Analyze and verify existing personalization strategies, merchandising rules, and context applied to each recommendation area, and quickly identify improvements directly on your website to optimize.

Build your own personalization

Data Management

Collect and unify your data from all signals in real-time and ensure refined data

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Early Birds

At Early Birds, we’ve developed an AI-driven personalization platform for e-commerce companies to orchestrate their own algorithms in real-time, build personalization strategies and create differentiated experiences at scale. Open. Modern. Scalable.


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